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FESTACAfrica 2023 - Destination Arusha, TANZANIA Is the World's 4th Black and African Festival of Arts and Culture. A cultural festival designed to highlight & elevate the thriving talent from and within Africa. This is Africa Biggest festival and is a celebration of cultures and Heritage in the form of Arts, Fashion, Music, Story-telling, Poetry, film, short stories, Travel, Tourism, Hospitality, Food, and Dance through live performances from various countries in Africa and across the world sharing and showcasing their richness in their culture.

FESTAC Africa 2023 - Destination Arusha, TANZANIA will be taking place from 21st - 27th May 2023 in the beautiful Arusha, TANZANIA. The Festival invites other African countries and other Nationalities making it a perfect opportunity to come Network, Trade, Explore and have some Fun. As a festival we aim to draw Multi-generational global community to come experience an eclectic Pan-African and International line-up of music, theatre, poetry, film, dance and visual arts a vibrant handcraft market, family-friendly performances as well as an interactive art and dialogue space that creates a truly diverse & magical 7-day entertainment experience.

Our African Culture is slowly being impacted by global warming and devastating climate changes hence our theme for FESTAC AFRICA 2023 will greatly be centered around ESG Initiatives we can collectively implement to ensure our culture is in the long term sustained and preserved in an eco-friendly way to ensure our future generations can equally enjoy what we have. Our focus for 2023 is heavily centered around environmental goals of ESG and how collectively we can work together to ensure our carbon emission is reduced, we bring experts to share insights on how we can offset our carbon footprint during the festival and also do a workshop to teach organisations on how to report accurately on ESG or create governance around the same.

Come TRADE and NETWORK in Arusha, TANZANIA while doing business as we continue to amplify Intra-African Trade. The following are some of the planned activities during the one week long festival

  • 100 - 150 Exhibitors of Proudly Made in Africa products and services
  • InternationalBuyers creating market Access for Africa brands
  • 3 Days of business investment forums created to discuss business opportunities from various organisations seeking expansion in Africa as well as promote Intra-Africa Travel, Tourism and Hospitality
  • 3 days of ESG workshop to teach organisations how to implement or create sustainable reporting and governance around Environmental, Social Governance guidelines.
  • 3 days of a Basketball camp focused on our youth from the best of basketball players globally. This Camp will see our youth integrated into the program to come learn how they can take advantage of the opportunities of this global sport and understand what it takes to be a player in the international stages. It is also a sport created to bring fun and ensure our youth are integrated into the system.
  • 3 Days of a business Expo to showcase the very best of our culture through Fashion, Art, Poetry, Literature, Story Telling, Food, Investment Opportunities. Come connect with like-minded business leaders like yourself and find long-term partnerships or collaborations for your brand.

  • 7 Days and Nights of hype and buzz while promoting out African culture through Music, Dancing, Fire Fighters, Comedy, Drummers, Fun, and much Talent Discovery
  • 1 day Inspire Africa Day Golf Experience is a Golf event planned to bring the business Executives attending this festival to get an opportunity to move conversations from the conference room to the Boardroom.
  • The First Africa Luxury Awards and an elegant Africa Themed Gala Dinner to Celebrate Africa's Excellence in partnership with The Luxury Network International on Africa Day - 25th May 2023.
  • Attend a Masterclass of Art to understand why African art is becoming sort out after globally and why it is fetching top dollar. Understand how the masters value art and what it will take to sell good art. Know where the market is as we promote our African SMES, Artisans and the people in the Art & Craft business.
  • Ecommerce, Trade and Logistics is the future - Connect with the masters in a 1 day dedicated master class that will teach our SME's how to have the very best e-commerce platforms to enable them trade and
  • Don't miss out the 7 Days Staged AFRICAN BOMA VILLAGE that will see a variety of Mixologists and Signature cocktails being served throughout the festival. Come experience the best brewers & beer crafters of Africa.
  • Join a full day Business on Excursions Trip by choosing either a Safari to the Serengeti, A visit to the Ngorongoro Crater, a Tour to the Tanzanite and other Precious Stones Mines or just a cruise to the Island of Zanzibar.
  • Come enjoy the SPIRIT OF THE AFRICAN RHYTHM through Music and Dance and o celebrate Africa's music in style



Yinka Abioye

Chairman at The Inspire Group

Sally Kimangu

Founder / CEO of Destination Imagination in Africa

Kiprono Kittony

Chairman at Nairobi Securities Exchanges

Grace Mumo

Group CEO of Inspire Africa Connect

Hassan Ali Mzee

Chairman at ZATO

Cuthbert Ncube

Chairman at African Tourism Board

Gerald Walker

CEO of BizCbook LLC


Arusha International Conference Centre
Arusha, Tanzania

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